Updates and things happening with JADE!

Hello everyone! We recognize there has not been any blogs posted in way too long! That is because we are busy at JADE expanding our business and our families!

Last July Abbie welcomed a baby boy into the family and this July Dan will be giving everyone yet another boy! Talk about sibling rivalry!

In between these expansions we have been fortunate enough to have our patients grow with us! JADE is still accepting and welcoming new patients everyday, with hardly any wait time. We have even been able to add another insurance payer, Value Behavioral Health, Medicaid Insurance of Westmoreland County. We are getting ready to add an addition to the building so we are able to continually accept new patients in Monroeville and accommodate anyone wanting to come to JADE and be a part of \”our family\”!

Vivitrol, the new once a month injection for opioid and alcohol dependence is really taking off here! While we still believe nothing rivals therapy and behavior changes, we have had some awesome success stories with Vivitrol in this past year! We are even lucky enough to have Dr. Robert Woolhandler on board as our Medical Director and in charge of our \”7 days to save a life\” detox to Vivitrol Program. JADE has embarked on some truly innovative journeys in addiction medicine!

JADE is also looking to add a Partial Hospitalization level of care come Fall of 2013 as just one more option to patients!

We thank everyone for letting us do what we do. It is such a blessing to be in this field. Our patients inspire us so much to \”be the change we wish to see in the world\”. Please keep checking back for more updates! We promise we will not wait so long again to write!