John Ryan’s House @ JADE Wellness Center Coming March 2024

JADE Wellness Center is pleased to announce that expected in March of 2024 is the grand opening of its first ever recovery house, John Ryan’s House. Providing a safe, sober, and healthy living environment that promotes recovery from alcohol and other drug use, John Ryans House is located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA at 2681 Waddington Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15226. This recovery house serves adult males and will provide temporary housing to its residents for up to 90 days.

John Ryan’s House is a state-of-the art facility designed to offer a home-like environment and a holistic approach to recovery, combining comfort and compassionate care. With a commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction and obtain permanent housing, the recovery house provides a structured nurturing space for residents to heal and grow.

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Key Features:


The recovery house features modern, well appointed, individual living spaces for up to 20 males over 18 years of age. John Ryan’s house strives to make recovery as comfortable as possible by providing a home-like environment with the security and amenities normally found in a home. We also strive to create a family equivalent setting where all the residents contribute to maintaining the quality of the home by lending a helping hand, assisting in chores, involvement in food preparation, and attending and contributing during weekly house meetings.

Experienced Staff

Our team of highly trained and compassionate professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care and support to residents throughout their recovery journey. Staffed 24/7/365, JADE Wellness Center is constructing a team comprised of a House Manager, House Technicians and Case Managers to oversee the initiation and safety of individuals residing within John’s House.

Supportive Community

All residents must engage in outside community support meetings, complete, and comply with a level of care assessment completed by a licensed drug and alcohol provider and participate in recovery planning with their case management team. The overall goal of John Ryan’s House is to ensure sobriety, outside treatment compliance and gain permanent housing upon conclusion of residency.

Resident Requirements

Residents entering John Ryan’s House must not present at risk of withdrawal or in need of withdrawal management services. The target population will be transitioning out of inpatient drug and alcohol treatment facilities, hospitalization, county jail or federal prison with a diagnosed substance use disorder. Individuals maintained on mental health medications, and medications to assist them in recovery from substance use disorder meet criteria for residency with a valid prescription in their name and adherence to house medication policies.

Referrals will be accepted on March 1st of 2024.

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