What is a Certified Recovery Specialist?

Also referred to as peer support specialist, a CRS is an individual in recovery who works within the community with drug and alcohol clients to help them gain access to resources they may need in order to enhance their recovery.  Types of services offered would include mentoring and connecting with the AA/NA community, securing a sponsor, bridging gaps to access for unmet service needs, transportation, etc.  The goal of the CRS program is to assist drug and alcohol clients in accessing long-term, non-systems resources and facilitated sustainable recovery, in turn reducing relapse and result in less use of Medicaid-funded services overtime. Meetings with a CRS are offered in both a group and individualized setting, they can be one time only or continue as needed over time until a specific goal is met. Clients who receive this service are expected to have an improved chance of achieving and maintaining their recovery

Do I have to be a patient to receive Certified Recovery Specialist Services?

You do not have to be a patient of JADE Wellness Center to receive certified recovery specialist services.  While a comprehensive treatment plan including a counselor, a physician and a CRS is highly recommended, you are able to access our CRS program without being a patient should you live in Allegheny County.  Our Certified Recovery Specialist are able to provide services to anybody within the community with a drug and alcohol diagnosis whom would benefit from said services. An evaluation for services will be conducted and an individualized recovery plan will be constructed to highlight how you would best benefit from the help of a CRS.

What is the cost of Certified Recovery Services?

Currently Allegheny County Medicaid and Community Care Behavioral Health will pay for Certified Recovery Services at JADE Wellness Center for their members.  Should you have medical assistance and be located in another County we strongly urge you to contact your County’s helpline to find a provider near you!  We work with those with commercial insurance plans so please call our office today to learn more!

I am in recovery myself, how can I become a Certified Recovery Specialist?

While this is not a licensed service, the minimum experience for a CRS includes a high school diploma or equivalence and certification for the PA Certification Board.  Visit their website today and click on “peer support” to learn more: https://www.pacertboard.org/certifications .

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