A low barrier approach to Medication Assisted treatment, that focuses on connecting disparity communities and underserved populations with access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorders (MOUD). 

Providing initial, but non-emergent, medical consultation for Buprenorphine (Suboxone) when appropriate on the same day or next business day, the JADE Wellness Center’s AIMS program offers both telehealth and in-person options. In additional to regularly scheduled visits with a medical professional, all individuals enrolled in the AIMS program will work with a certified recovery specialist to receive ongoing support, linkages to community resources, and assistance in acquiring tools needed to promote a lasting recovery.

The overarching goal of JADE Wellness Center’s AIMS program is rapid, low barrier engagement into treatment and long-term sustainment of sobriety.

Who is an ideal candidate for the AIMS program?
  • Individual with Opioid use disorder not currently engaged in care and who do not have access to formal D&A treatment services at this time due to barriers such as transportation, wait times, stigma and other social determinants of health.
  • Individual who have had previous treatment episodes for opioid use disorder.
  • Individual who tolerate buprenorphine and are not receiving any other narcotic treatment services.
What forms of insurance are accepted?

Community Care Behavioral Health, Caelon & Allegheny County Drug and Alcohol Funding (when available).

What are the requirements of the AIMS program?

Must be attending scheduled certified recovery specialist meetings a minimum of twice a month, must attend all regularly scheduled physician appointments, medication adherence as directed by your medical provider, compliance with monthly urinalysis requirements of the JADE AIMS Program.