Check out these great resources from the JADE Wellness team:

Family Matters Group

  • Learn how to support your loved one while the person is going through the stages of change and recovery.
  • Learn about each stage of change and what this means for someone struggling with substance use.
  • Find out the science and research about substance use disorder.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but human connection.” – Johann Hari

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The Recovery Room Podcast

Hosted by: Daniel Garrighan, Alex Perla, & Abbie Scanio

We are three lifelong friends who work together in the field of substance use disorders. Our relationship is unique as we each bring a different view on the role addiction & recovery can play in one’s life. We go there. Each episode we talk about real issues in the recovery environment and world of substance use disorders. We dare to go places and touch on subjects’ others haven’t. We want to make a change! We want to educate people out there and stop the Stigma. We also want those suffering to know there is help out there and recovery is obtainable.

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