Suboxone Medication Assisted Therapy in Pittsburgh

In the US, more than two million individuals are addicted to opioids, both prescription and illicit. Some submit themselves for treatments and detoxifications while others are not quite there yet. According to the CDC, 115 individuals die from opioid-related overdoses in the United States every day.  That is the equivalent of one commercial airline crashing each day in America.

One treatment option available to these suffering individuals is a medication, called Suboxone, which aids in decreasing one’s dependency on the drug. For an opiate-dependent individual evidence shows, that Suboxone, in conjunction with therapy, is the best option for recovery.

At the onset of treatment, the patient will be interviewed to determine the level of opioid dependency. Instructions pertaining to the first dose, either given on-site or as a take-home, will be given during this interview. On the day of the first dose, the patient must be in a mild to moderate opiate withdrawal state. No one dosage will work for every individual, thus the dosing will be tailored to each patient. There is no time frame for the prescription of Suboxone. Each patient’s doctor and clinical team will work together to customize an individualized treatment plan.

While Suboxone works wonders at diminishing opioid cravings, the disease of addiction is an intricate disease of the brain comprised of more than just cravings. Psychotherapy performed by a licensed, experienced counselor, sometimes in conjunction with psychiatric care, is always recommended in addition to Suboxone Treatment in order to provide the framework for a lasting and stable recovery.  Whether you wish to pursue a medication-assisted treatment or an abstinent recovery, JADE Wellness is here to help you.