Letter from a Patient

A recent patient shares their experience with JADE Wellness Center
Throughout my addiction, I have made many attempts at recovery involving rehabs, outpatient treatment, and intensive Outpatient treatment. During all of those previous failed attempts at recovery, I learned that even though I was in a recovering atmosphere my recovery needs were not truly being addressed. The prior treatments lacked compassion, love, and the type of concern an addict like myself needs to work a successful recovery program.

It is a common myth that we are just “junkies”, undeserving of the decent life that God grants to all of us. After all of my years of drug use, I began to believe it!

Fearful of discharge I began to lie and cheat to remain in the numerous programs that I was involved with. I was treated as though I was easily replaceable and disposable. I was not important, merely just filling a slot.

Then came JADE Wellness Center. From Intake to Intensive Outpatient graduation and on to Outpatient groups, the love and concern have never ceased. Finally, someone who can understand my pain. JADE is not a religious program however I can send the presence of a loving and kind God in everyone who works here. It must be a prerequisite. To maintain this type of spirit with a bunch of addicts is to be commended.

My recovery took effect the day my treatment plan was discussed with me. Recovery is taught here in a very practical, loving, and understanding way. The group sessions are comfortable and welcoming. We are encouraged to help one another and to keep each other accountable without harsh criticism.

Mistakes and slip-ups can happen. They are a learning experience. It is my belief that if you don’t learn from your mistakes you are doomed to repeat them. We are taught here with simplicity not to relive our mistakes. That one day at a time we can live a life worth living. How refreshing it is here. There is no condemnation for mistakes, and redemption is here if you apply the simple principles taught.

I’ve learned how rewarding and fun recovery can be. I’ve learned to be more in touch with my spirituality. I have learned to care more for others. Love received here is more love to give away. I was made aware of a set of tools that I have to utilize, my support programs. I have gained friendships here. We care, share, and fellowship with one another while continuing to hold each other accountable.