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Healing Bonds and Strengthening Connections: The Power of Family Therapy

Life’s journey can often take unexpected turns, and sometimes those turns lead us to face challenges we never anticipated. One such challenge that can deeply impact not just the individual, but an entire network of relationships, is addiction. When addiction takes hold, it doesn’t discriminate; it affects not only the individual struggling with it but […]

The Crucial Role of Certified Recovery Specialists in Your Journey to Recovery

Addiction can be an all-consuming and isolating struggle, making the path to recovery seems unattainable for many. However, there is a group of unsung heroes who have walked in the same shoes as those battling substance abuse and are now using their experiences to help others find hope and healing: Certified Recovery Specialists (CRS). Also […]

Substance-Induced Psychosis: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

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Substance-induced psychosis is a horrific experience commonly characterized by detachment from reality or delusional behavior.  It can be triggered by various factors and is crucial to educate oneself about this condition, its prevention, and its treatment if you or a loved one is at risk of substance-induced psychosis. Causes There are numerous substances that can […]

The Many Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

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Medication-assisted treatment (also referred to as MAT) is the use of pharmaceuticals and medications to support a person’s continued recovery from addictive substances.  Abrupt abstinence from addictive chemicals can often be incredibly challenging and can potentially invite various unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.  Therefore, specific pharmaceuticals are frequently prescribed to patients to help them manage symptoms, avoid […]

Benefits of Recovery Housing

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Sobriety can be a lifetime commitment. Although programs for detox or rehab can aid individuals in breaking substance abuse, maintaining recovery takes continuous dedication and attention. When someone leaves treatment and returns home to a stressful or demanding home life, such as one with ingrained habits or taxing relationships, they are at risk of relapsing. […]