Lucy Garrighan Transfers CEO Title of JADE Wellness Center to Daniel Garrighan

Dan Lucy and Abby

Lucy M. Garrighan, the current CEO and Founder of JADE Wellness Centers, has announced the transition of leadership at the organization. JADE Wellness Centers, a renowned provider of comprehensive addiction treatment, owes its inception to Lucy’s personal journey following the tragic loss of her first-born son, John Ryan Garrighan, after an eight-year battle with addiction in January 2011. Lucy, along with her two adult children, Daniel Garrighan and Abbie Scanio, established JADE Wellness Centers to address the critical need for compassionate care and support for individuals struggling with substance use. “We were founded heavily on understanding the science of addiction as a brain disorder,” she states. “We have created an organization that provides all of the care that I could not find for my son John”. Under Lucy’s guidance and dedication, JADE Wellness Centers has flourished and become the first state-licensed outpatient facility in Pennsylvania to offer a comprehensive range of services, including psychiatry, under one roof.

As part of a mindful decision to ensure the continued growth and success of JADE Wellness Centers, Lucy Garrighan has decided to pass on the role of CEO to her son, Daniel Garrighan. Daniel has been an integral part of the organization, working alongside his sister, Abbie Scanio, Vice President of JADE wellness centers to shape the center’s daily operations. Abbie, who was the late John’s beloved younger sister, has been instrumental in the growth of JADE Wellness Centers and will continue to contribute to its success.

Daniel Garrighan’s leadership has been marked by his exceptional ability to formulate ideas and transfer them into reality. With Abbie’s invaluable assistance, Daniel has spearheaded JADE Wellness Center’s partnership with Allegheny County and the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol. Together, they have successfully established JADE Wellness Center as a Center of Excellence, leading to substantial growth and improved support for clients. Daniel has also assembled a team of Certified Recovery Specialists within the Center of Excellence who offer lived experience and extensive training, ensuring enhanced care and guidance for individuals on their recovery journey. Daniel, together with Abbie, is actively pursuing the establishment of a PA-licensed Recovery House in collaboration with Allegheny County.

While Lucy Garrighan will step down as CEO, she remains deeply involved in JADE Wellness Centers and will continue to further the organization’s mission as the founder. “I fought battles to keep my son John alive that most people can thankfully not understand, and I have met incredible people along the way,” she expresses. “I have seen the power of a parent’s love to not allow their loss to be in vain. I am active at Jade, and I advocate for all.” Recognizing the importance of fostering a dedicated and compassionate staff, Daniel is deeply committed to the team at JADE Wellness Centers. He firmly believes that the organization’s reputation for delivering high-quality services stems from the collective effort of individuals who share his mission and work diligently alongside him every day.

About JADE Wellness Centers

JADE Wellness Centers offers comprehensive outpatient treatment services, including addiction psychiatry, levels of care therapy (IOP, individual, and family therapy), and evidence-based medication-assisted treatment to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. With a team of medical doctors, psychiatrists, registered nurses, case managers, Certified Recovery Specialists, and an incredible administrative team, JADE Wellness Centers has established itself as a place where individuals can truly heal and regain their lives. With its locations in Monroeville, Wexford, and Southside, as well as offering telehealth services, JADE remains dedicated to providing compassionate care, assessment, and comprehensive treatment options to those struggling with substance use like Lucy’s late son, and Daniel and Abbie’s cherished brother, John Ryan Garrighan.