The Many Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Doctor's prescription pad

Medication-assisted treatment (also referred to as MAT) is the use of pharmaceuticals and medications to support a person’s continued recovery from addictive substances.  Abrupt abstinence from addictive chemicals can often be incredibly challenging and can potentially invite various unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.  Therefore, specific pharmaceuticals are frequently prescribed to patients to help them manage symptoms, avoid relapses, and enhance the effectiveness of their treatment plans. These medications are a safe and non-addictive option for those in recovery from a wide range of substance use disorders, including opioids, alcohol, and other hard drugs.

For those who are recovering from addiction, withdrawal symptoms can be unbearable and frequently result in relapse. However, medication-assisted treatment can reduce these symptoms and enable patients to achieve sobriety.  The most arduous stages of opioid withdrawal can be remedied with pharmaceuticals like Suboxone or by utilizing Sparrow Therapy.  These options enable patients to overcome their dependence and start the road to recovery.

Another vital aspect of medication-assisted treatment is that it reduces the likelihood of an overdose-induced fatality in individuals with opioid use disorder.  By offering a trustworthy and effective method to curb withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings, MAT assists in minimizing the dangers of substance abuse, allowing individuals to fully concentrate on recovery.

Addiction is a powerful sensation that can encourage individuals to act in ways that contrast their typical behavior.  These dangerous actions could result in long-term health and legal repercussions.  However, MAT can increase the recovery rate, therefore helping to avoid undesirable outcomes.  According to a study by SAMHSA, the combination of medication and therapy can also lower one’s risk of developing multiple severe diseases, including hepatitis C and HIV.

In addition to these vital benefits, MAT also offers a personalized treatment plan that can be customized to each individual’s particular needs.   Each patient’s road to recovery is unique, and JADE Wellness understands that a personalized strategy is imperative for long-term recovery.   At JADE, medication-assisted treatment can be combined with other treatment options such as individual or group therapy in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan targeting all elements of addiction and therefore promoting lifetime sobriety.

JADE Wellness Can Help

For many, addiction and abuse can quickly spiral out of control, resulting in grave consequences.  If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to any substance, JADE Wellness is here to help you.  JADE Wellness Center is Pittsburgh’s first comprehensive medication-assisted treatment center, also offering individual and group therapy sessions.  Call us at 412-380-0100 or visit the JADE Wellness Center website to begin your path to recovery.