Anonymous and unprompted

“Jade Wellness changed my life. Of all the rehabs I have been in, Jade takes the cake. All the staff treat you like a normal person. Better than that, they treat you like your special. I am grateful I found

out about Jade when I did. If you need help Jade is the place to call.”

“Upon coming to Jade I was very hesitant to open up to a bunch of strangers. But quickly, the strangers became my friends. One thing that is clear to me about Jade is that the counselors and staff truly care about me. Coming to Jade is one of the best decisions I ever made. ”

“My road to recovery was non-existent until I found Jade. I struggled for over 6 years with my addiction, to the point where I had just about given up hope of being clean again. I can honestly say I have never encountered such wonderful, loving and care people before. The staff is amazing! They have not only helped me to get clean and control my addiction, but also to understand it. Thank you Jade for helping me get my old, clean self back!”

“I have been a part of Jade Wellness for 2 years now and couldn’t be happier. Jade, in my eyes, has saved my life. From the owners, staff and therapists, I could not ask for a better treatment team. Sobriety is not at all easy, but Jade makes the recovery process easier and manageable. Anyone looking to change their life and work for a brighter future, Jade is one of the best tools to help in the recovery journey. They have honestly changed my life.”

“My participation at Jade began with a DUI that escalated into a jail experience. The thought of seeking help at some of the places out there was a terrifying notion. In the past, I had been treated like a common criminal. When googling my options Jade stuck out. The women who answered the call is the reason I came, she was unbelievably kind to me, thorough and even called me “honey”. That wonderful treatment has been multiplied in every aspect of my experience here. One month and eight days clean. Jade is my new drug. ”

“You can go anywhere to receive Suboxone. . . But if you want to deal with the problems behind your addiction Jade is the place to be. Therapy is top notch and you feel like your previous counselors up until now just didn’t care. At Jade your treated like you mean something.”

“I’ve had to enter recovery several times and had done so at various locations and programs. It wasn’t until I found Jade that I found the perfect balance of acceptance, understanding, compassion and tough love. At Jade I feel welcomed, understood and most importantly like family. Jade is the first place where I felt my treatment was tailored specifically toward me and not a unified approach that everyone gets. The personal experience is what I value most from Jade and I feel this sentiment is shared by every newcomer. The better people you are surrounded by the easier your recovery is, and Jade, without a doubt, are the family to be surrounded with. ”

“I never thought it was possible, but Jade helped me get to where I needed to be. They made is fun and entertaining to be apart of their family. Everyone at Jade is loving and truly cares about you, your addiction, your family, your life! Jade truly cares about YOU!”

“I’ve found safety at Jade. I feel free to be myself. I don’t have to lie or manipulate and I feel at how with the family I have found here.”

“Never have I had the pleasure to meet a group of individuals who genuinely care about your well being. I found this comfort, however, at jade Wellness Center. Since entering the program I have found something I haven’t felt in quite sometime. That feeling is hope. Hope for me, hope for my daughter, and hope for a bright, clean and promising future.”