There are many drug rehab centers in Pennsylvania. However, there are also so many levels of drug abuse on the increase, that there is room for yet more rehabilitation centers. JADE Wellness Center is more than just another rehabilitation center! Coming to Monroeville PA very soon, late spring to be exact, the theme is “out with the old, in with the new as Premiere Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center, JADE Wellness Center will treat drug and alcohol abuse in ways that are not in practice in other places.

PA Drug Rehab Proprietors

A mother and daughter who previously ran a small business for many years with success, believe in their concept of research-based interventions by Doctorate and Masters level physicians and therapists as their mission to alleviate pain and addiction. The rehabilitation facility will be known as JADE Wellness Centers. Because of drug addiction problems they have dealt with firsthand in their own family. They feel their addicted family member did not have adequate means available to them to treat their addiction with complete success.

PA Drug Rehab Availability

The concept of treating addiction with compassion and understanding will eventually be made available by JADE Wellness Centers in many areas of Western Pennsylvania. Although there are many other rehabilitation facilities in the state, JADE Wellness Center plans to offer a unique method or concept to the drug rehabilitation community in Pennsylvania.

PA Drug Rehab Method or Treatment

According to the web page of JADE Wellness Centers they plan to, through empowerment of clients and encouragement to be responsible to manage their own addiction, teach the necessary skills so they can live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle with the evidence based Matrix Model of Therapy.

Explaining JADE’S PA Drug Rehabs Using the Matrix Model of Therapy

The Matrix Model of Therapy is a 4-month outpatient treatment very different from inpatient treatment. It is less confrontational, and it is progressively slower. It focuses on the present using the 12-step program. as opposed to dwelling on the core problem of addiction. Allegiance is to the therapist as opposed to group therapy. There are many more differences that the client learns as treatment progresses.

PA Drug Rehab Future Centers

The business owners of JADE Wellness Centers plan to establish centers in several areas of Pennsylvania to offer treatment to those people addicted to drugs and alcohol implementing successful treatment for each client, by offering the greatest chance for recovery.