Nov 4 2016 KDKA News Segment with JADE Wellness Vivitrol

On November 4, 2016, KDKA-Pittsburgh aired a story which focused on the success in treating opioid addiction with Vivitrol. JADE Wellness Centers has been using Vivitrol since 2011.

Dr. Robert Woolhandler, an addiction specialist at JADE Wellness and a pioneer of vivitrol treatment was interviewed and explained the pharmacology of Vivitrol and how this once monthly injection dramatically reduces and/or eliminates cravings.

Daniel Garrighan, Facility Director of JADE Wellness, was also interviewed for the segment, and discussed the availability of Vivitrol injections at JADE, information about the low-to-no cost of the injection (through insurance), and the many individual successes that JADE has seen with Vivitrol treatment.

To watch this segment in its entirety, please see this link: