Wearable Therapy

Now offering “Sparrow Therapy” a drug-free, personalized solution that is FDA cleared for opioid withdrawal relief. It’s called the Sparrow Therapy System and it’s a wearable therapy designed to provide an easy, safe, and effective way to withdrawal from your current opioids and help you achieve a better quality of life. It works by delivering personally tailored, mild electrical signals through the skin on and around the ear. These signals target specific nerves that activate areas of the brain which release endorphins. The boost in endorphins helps to aid in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms in as little as 60 minutes of use.

Studies have shown Sparrow Ascent begins to provide significant opioid withdrawal symptom relief in as little as 30 minutes.

84% of participants in clinical trials experienced mild to no withdrawal symptoms after 60 minutes of therapy and 100% of participants sustained a clinically meaningful reduction in withdrawal symptoms by day three. 

The Sparrow Ascent is a transcutaneous nerve field stimulator that is intended to be used in patients experiencing opioid withdrawal in conjunction with standard symptomatic medication and other therapies for opioid symptoms under the supervision of trained clinical personnel.

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