Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Day Track: 3 days per week/ 3 hours per day
  • Evening Track: 2 evenings per week/ 3 hours per evening For our working population

Outpatient Groups

  • A step down level of care
  • Day, evening and weekend groups
  • 2 hours per week

Aftercare Groups

  • Bi-weekly and monthly Groups for those who have successfully completed the JADE Program or have sustained sobriety.

Family Therapy:

JADE Wellness Center offers Family therapy in an individual and group setting.  We recognize when one person is affected by addiction it can often times affect the entire family.  Aimed at improving the systems of interactions between family members, anyone who plays a long term supportive role to your recovery can be included in family sessions.  Monthly group family sessions are held in each of our Intensive Outpatient Programs and aim to shed light on recovery and the recovery process to those most involved in your treatment.  In an individual setting, family therapy is a form of psychotherapy that will seek to reduce distress and conflict between family members and assist the family in recovering as a whole.  Family therapy is considered a strength based treatment that aids in the healing process from addiction.