Top 5 Signs of Alcoholism

What is Alcoholism? Alcoholism is a complex pattern of behaviors caused by a dependence on alcohol. The disease, known medically as alcohol use disorder, can put a person’s health and safety at risk. Not only can alcoholism significantly affect an individual’s physical and mental health, but it can also affect the lives of others in […]

COVID-19 pandemic making drug addict treatments struggle, local addiction treatment center says

PITTSBURGH — So many of the things that people struggling with addiction need on a daily basis have been taken away from them because of the pandemic. For workers at the Jade Wellness Center on the South Side, the drug abuse epidemic has never taken a backseat. But the director of the Jade Wellness Center, […]

Letter from a Patient

A recent patient shares their experience with JADE Wellness CenterThroughout my addiction, I have made many attempts at recovery involving rehabs, outpatient treatment, and intensive Outpatient treatment. During all of those previous failed attempts at recovery, I learned that even though I was in a recovering atmosphere my recovery needs were not truly being addressed. […]

Suboxone Medication Assisted Therapy in Pittsburgh

In the US, more than two million individuals are addicted to opioids, both prescription and illicit. Some submit themselves for treatments and detoxifications while others are not quite there yet. According to the CDC, 115 individuals die from opioid-related overdoses in the United States every day.  That is the equivalent of one commercial airline crashing […]

Drug Addiction Treatment Pittsburgh

OxyContin addiction has grown exponentially since its development in 1995. Initially developed to help chronic pain, OxyContin is similar in structure to Heroin, Percodan, and Morphine. OxyContin is highly addictive and has become one of the most abused drugs on the market. OxyContin, a man-made substance, is both physically addicting and emotionally debilitating if taken […]