Continuing Care

Continuing Care

Recovery is a lifelong journey

12-Step Meetings

Involvement in a 12 Step program has consistently been shown to be an integral aspect of remaining in recovery.

You will be introduced to the 12 Step philosophies from the very beginning of treatment and are encouraged to continue your participation throughout treatment and following graduation from Jade Wellness Center.

In addition to attending the meetings, you are encouraged to identify a sponsor and to work the Steps with him or her. Your therapist will help you to identify any barriers to becoming involved in a 12 Step program.

Aftercare Program

As a part of the full continuum of care, JADE Wellness offers After Care Groups for those clients who are tapering or want to taper their use of Suboxone and have successfully completed the IOP and OP programs.

After Care groups are designed to support people in their ongoing recovery journey by meeting 1 to 2 times per month. In combination with community support programs (AA, NA or others), the groups meet to discuss topics such as stress, managing triggers, family and relationship issues and finding joy in their recovery among other subjects. The group facilitator will invite guest speakers on a variety of topics, often at the request or suggestion of the group members.

Some clients may find the group so helpful they will choose to continue with the After Care Program after they have discontinued the use of Suboxone. The group is not time limited and participants pay a nominal fee at each group.

Specialty Seminars

Periodically, Jade Wellness Center offers specialty seminars in our state of the art Community Room on a variety of topics that are designed to enhance your overall treatment experience and to deepen your knowledge and awareness of issues that are directly relevant to the recovery process. Seminars may be assigned as part of your treatment plan or you are welcome to attend as an optional activity.

Specialty seminars are conducted by on-site clinical and/or medical staff, or by outside guest speakers and are open to the public. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness
  • Drugs of Abuse: Lethal Combinations
  • Buprenorphine 101
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Nutrition and Fitness in Recovery
  • Meditation & Spirituality in Recovery
  • Depression and Recovery
  • Anxiety and Recovery
  • Selected teen recovery topics


Jade Wellness Center recognizes the need to provide you with the most comprehensive level of care possible. In order to accomplish this, the program has available a network of referral sources including medical, psychiatric, legal, educational, recreational, spiritual and other community support services.

For additional as well as more in-depth information regarding any of the aforementioned programs please call us at: 412.380.0100