Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa

 Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa

Jade Wellness Center is a prime example of an Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa. The rehabilitation/detox organization offers people seeking treatment a single form of treatment or multiple service programs of treatment. Individuals, adult or adolescent, whether part of a family or on their own and needing Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa, would be equally impressed with the outpatient treatment programs available at Jade Wellness Center. At Jade Wellness Center the individuals or families have access to licensed psychotherapists who specialize in chemical dependence and who will work with the individual in identifying the services which will address their particular situation best. Individual treatment is also provided if the client is concerned about whether or not they actually have a problem that needs to be addressed. JADE is one of the first to offer suboxone therapy to patients with opioid dependency involving heroin, morphine or oxycontin.

Behavioral Health Services provides Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa at Wilkinsburg Detox and Residential, which bases its treatment on the 12-step model in which AA/NA meetings are an important part of the regimen. In cases of dual addiction, clients receive the proper medication needed to address each component of their addiction. Clients must meet certain diagnostic criteria for chemical dependency and mental health disorders.

Arche Wellness -Alcohol Rehab near Monroeville Pa

Arche Wellness in Allison Park focuses on identifying the root cause of the addiction first. Arche Wellness is based on the understanding that addiction is a biochemical problem with behavioral components — not the other way around. They focus on a full spectrum approach to the disease and include counseling, nutritional guidance and personal training for all patients. Arche Wellness also highly encourages including your family as much as possible.

-Alcohol Rehab near Monroeville Pa: Gateway Rehabilitation Center, founded in 1972 by Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., offers Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville, Pa and has twenty sites, (including Monroeville), for individuals seeking programs in inpatient rehabilitation, medical detoxification and outpatient treatment. Gateway offers Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville, Pa with many services to adolescents, adults, men and women, families and professionals. Services include inpatient, outpatient, residential, spiritual, and substance abuse including alcoholism. Gateway Rehabilitation Center provides Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville, Pa through comprehensive care for chemically dependent adults, youth, and their families.

-Alcohol Rehab near Monroeville Pa: The Center for Recovery in Bethel Park states that nearly 14 million people abuse alcohol or are addicted, which means that nearly one of every thirteen adults abuse alcohol or is addicted. When a person is an alcoholic it affects not only themselves but their families, especially their children or people they interact with at work on a daily basis. The Center for Recovery is another example of Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville, Pa and offers treatment in becoming sober, not an easy process, along with alcohol rehabilitation. The Center also deals with the post-sober problems of withdrawal which can range from nausea to heart or respiratory failure. The Center is just another example of Alcohol Rehab in Monroeville Pa, and maintains that in spite of the fact that becoming sober from alcohol is not an easy process, it is possible with treatment and rehabilitation help resulting in a sober, alcohol free existence.