Addiction vs Abuse

Addiction vs Abuse

Addiction is difficult to define. It is a disease with physiological, psychological, behavioral and moral implications. when a drug user can’t stop taking a drug even if he wants to it’s called an addiction. The urge is too strong to control, even if you know the drug is causing harm.

Addiction vs abuse? More than one answer

The most imporatant distinction between addiction vs abuse is that abuse can lead to addiction, not vice versa.

addiction vs abuse in Pittsburgh?

Financially, drug rehab (Pennsylvania) costs several hundreds for six months of treatment. But in reality, drug rehab (Pennsylvania) saves one community plenty. Treatment is said to save $4 to $7 for every dollar spent. It costs an estimated $3,600 to leave an abuser in the community without treating them. Incarceration costs $3,300 a month and methadone treatment is only $290. This isn’t much when one stops to consider how much more the other alternatives cost.

addiction vs abuse in Monroeville, pa?

Some drug rehab (Pennsylvania) centers are strictly for special populations. Some centers patients will receive very very limited contact with the outside world while going through treatment. Others, patients are encouraged to bring their laptops and cell phones and families are encouraged to visit. Some drug rehab (Pennsylvania) centers will offer on-site detox services and accept health insurance. Other centers may not accept insurance plans. Some drug rehab (Pennsylvania) centers follow a holistic approach and may offer reiki or full body massages and yoga. There are also gay-friendly rehab centers.

Drug Rehab (Pennsylvania) Centers teach abusers three important things

The first thing drug abusers learn through an intensive treatment program learn is not to lie about their addiction. Drug Rehab (Pennsylvania) centers also teach patients to tell their story. By telling their story, former drug addicts help others going through addiction or drug rehab (Pennsylvania) programs. The last thing that patients learn is to help others who are struggling with addictions.