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Medication Assisted Therapy in Pittsburgh

Bringing new hope for those struggling with alcohol, opioid and any other chemical dependence addiction

In US, more than a million individuals are addicted to opioids. Some would submit themselves for treatments and detoxifications while others would deny their addiction.

These chronic addicts would need medical treatments to decrease their dependence to drugs. Aside from health benefits this too will improve their social standing in the society. For an opiate dependent evidence shows, Suboxone, in conjunction with therapy, is the best option for recovery. The same standard holds true for alcohol dependency. Whether you wish to pursue a medication assisted treatment or an abstinent recovery, JADE Wellness is here to help you.

Suboxone Treatment at Pittsburgh Drug Rehab Center JADE Wellness

Medication Assisted Treatment and Suboxone Treatment and ongoing support is critical at Pittsburgh's Premiere drug rehab JADE Wellness

At the onset of treatment, the patient will be interviewed to determine the level of opioid dependency. Instructions pertaining to the first dose, either given on-site or as a take-home, will be given during this interview. On the day of the first dose, the patient must be in a mild to moderate opiate withdrawal state. No one dosage will work for every individual, thus the dosing will be tailored to each patient. Going forward, the dosage will be tapered until the dependence is completely eliminated. There is no time frame on the elimination of suboxone. Each patient’s doctor and clinical team will work together to customize an individualized treatment plan.

While suboxone works wonders at diminishing opiod cravings, it should be understood that there are underlying concerns that would drive a person to be a drug dependent. Some may be considered accidental addicts who used drugs as pain management while others may have deliberately chosen opiate to conform to peer pressure. What ever the case may be, it should be understood that drug dependence carries with it health related risks that can have lifelong negative results and that is why it is strongly suggested that psychotherapy be combined with medication assistance.