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How Jade Can Help

Our services

Jade Wellness Center provides a comprehensive variety of individualized, flexible drug and alcohol outpatient treatment options for adults, adolescents, and families struggling with chemical dependency issues at all stages of the addiction process.

Call us now at: 412.380.0100

A Jade Wellness Center Admissions Coordinator, a licensed therapist specializing in chemical dependency, will assist you in identifying the optimum level of program services for you and/or your loved ones.


Our Doctors, therapists and staff are ready to help.

A Jade Wellness Center Admissions Coordinator, a licensed therapist specializing in chemical dependency, will assist you in identifying the optimum level of program services for you and/or your loved ones.

Call us now at: 412.380.0100


Level of Care Assessment

Each individual looking to enter the Jade Program will be assessed by a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. This initial 60 minute appointment serves as a history on each client in order to recommend the most appropriate services to fit their daily needs and lifestyle.

Outpatient Group Counseling

Jade Wellness Center offers the healing power of the group experience through its Outpatient Therapy Groups. We believe group work can be an especially powerful therapy tool for individuals with alcohol and drug addictions. Our groups are for the promotion of social supports, peer acceptance and identifying with other people who share similar experiences through addiction. Under the guidance of a professional drug and alcohol therapist, we create a healthy group culture through which to find your “courage to change” as well as assisting our clients to understand the role that addiction has come to mean in the lives of addicts and their families.

Jade Wellness offers the following groups in a continuum:

Acute Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Monday through Friday from 9:30a.m.-3:30p.m.
  • Intensely structured, curriculum based and DBT oriented
Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Day Track: 3 days per week/ 3 hours per day
  • Evening Track: 2 evenings per week/ 3 hours per evening For our working population
Outpatient Groups
  • A step down level of care
  • Day, evening and weekend groups
  • 2 hours per week
Aftercare Groups
  • Bi-weekly and monthly Groups for those who have successfully completed the JADE Program

Individualized Psychotherapy

The individual treatment option may be appropriate if you are becoming concerned about your use but are not sure if you have a problem. Through individual therapy with a licensed psychotherapist specializing in addictions, your patterns of use can be explored in a private, safe and confidential setting.

Couples or families may also benefit from this option as patterns of use are explored in the context of how a loved one s use impacts relationships and families. Addiction is a family disease and often benefits from treatment of the whole family unit.

Medication Assisted Treatment


Trying to get off of Methadone?

If you have ever felt like you were a slave to Methadone and have considered getting off of it but have doubts about what that would entail, JADE is here to help! Converting from Methadone to Suboxone may not be as hard as you may think. JADE’s exceptional team of Doctors have protocols in place to make this transition an easy one! Call today to break away from the chains and constraints of Methadone and get started on a more convenient recovery!


Being pregnant is overwhelming enough without having to worry where to turn for treatment. At Jade Wellness Center our Doctors and Counselors specialize in treating pregnant substance users. Medication assisted treatment is also available for the pregnant population. In today’s day and age Buprenorphine is considered the first line in treatment for pregnant opiate users versus Methadone. Statistics show Buprenorphnne has 10% of the withdrawal effects passed on to the newborn when compared to methadone. At Jade we’ll work with you and your ob-gyn to devise the best plan for you and your unborn child. We pride ourselves on all of our happy, healthy Jade babies and mommies!


With Casino’s popping up on every major highway, Jade recognizes gambling as another serious addiction many are facing today and that is why we have certified gambling addictions counselors on staff ready and willing to meet with you today!

Community Outreach

Whether you are new to this crazy world of addiction or if you have been involved in it longer than you’d like to remember and just want to see what we are all about, our free Community Outreach programs, held bi-monthly at our Monroeville Location, is just the thing for you! Come meet with our friendly, knowledgeable staff and other members of the addiction field for this 1 hour and 30 minute informative talk session. Call now for dates and times as well as to hold your place at this free meeting!